Product Name
Faith and Nature Conditioner – Aloe Vera
Faith and Nature Conditioner -Tea Tree
Faith and Nature Conditioner – Lavender & Geranium
Faith and Nature Conditioner – Coconut
Faith and Nature Shampoo – Aloe Vera
Faith and Nature Shampoo – Tea Tree
Faith and Nature Shampoo – Lavender and Geranium
Faith and Nature Shampoo – Coconut
Shampoo Bar
Conditioner bars – Hair
Hair wax / Clay
Wooden comb
Faith and Nature Body Wash – Dragon Fruit
Faith and Nature Body Wash – Aloe Vera
Faith and Nature Body Wash – Grapefruit and Orange
Faith and Nature Body Wash – Lavender and Geranium
Faith and Nature Body Wash – Coconut
Miniml – Shampoo (Pink Grapefruit and Aloe Vera)
Miniml – Conditioner (Pink Grapefruit and Aloe Vera)
Miniml – Washing Up Liquid
Miniml – Laundry Liquid
Miniml – Fabric Conditioner
Miniml – Anti-bac Hand Soap
Hand Wash – Bio D
Laundry Powder
Hand Gel/Sanitiser
Dishwasher Tablets
Dishwasher Salt
Rinse Aid
Miniml – White Vinegar
Miniml – Toilet Cleaner
Miniml – All Purpose Cleaner
Pasta – Fusilli/Penne (white and wholemeal)
Pasta – Gluten Free
Spaghetti (White and Wholemeal)
Egg Noodles
Cous Cous
Cous Cous – Pearl
Cous Cous – Giant
Rice – Basmati White
Rice – Basmati Brown
Risotto Rice
Lentils – Green
Lentils – Red
Yellow Split Peas
Pearl Barley
Bulgar Wheat
Black Bean
Red Kidney Beans
Cannellini Beans
Oats – organic
Jumbo Oats
Jumbo Oats – organic
Organic Museli
Granola – Chocolate
Granola – Cool Raspberry
Granola – Awsome Almond
Granola – Organic Almond
Bran Sticks (All bran)
Bran Flakes
Coconut Sugar
Apple Cider Vinegar
Cacao Powder
Cacao Nibbs (organic)
Cocoa Powder
Coconut Chips
Demerara Sugar
Golden Sugar
Caster Sugar
Almond Flour/Ground Almonds
Flour/ 100g
Pre-bagged flour (1.5 kg)
Hemp Protein Powder
Nutritional Yeast
Vegetable Bouillion
Pink Salt
Mrs Middleton Oil (bottle)
Mrs Middleton Oil / 100g
Olive Oil (bottle)
Olive Oil / 100g
Chamomile Tea
Earl Grey Tea
English Breakfast Tea
Green Tea
Peppermint Tea
Red Bush Tea
Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans – Decaf
Apricots – whole
Apricots – chopped
Dates – Whole
Dates – Chopped
Mixed Fruit
Mixed Peel
Apple Rings
Banana Chips
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Coconut Milk
Tinned Jackfruit
Maple Syrup
Mayonnaise – Jar
Mayonnaise / 100g
Tomato Ketchup – Jar
Tomato Ketchup / 100g
Peanut butter Tahini
Rocks Squash
Soy Sauce / 100g
Tinned Baked Beans
Tinned Tomatoes
Stock – Vegetable Jar
Brazil Nuts
Cashews – Cooking
Cashews – Organic
Mixed nuts
Pecan Nuts
Pine Nuts
Chia Seeds
Hemp Seeds – Hulled
Linseed/Flax Seeds – Golden (organic)
Linseed/Flax Seeds
Poppy Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Bamboo Ear Buds
Bath Bombs
Biork Chrystal Deodorant
Dog Soap
Ecomind Face Pads
Emma Bamboo Pads x 12
Emma Soap Bar
Epsom Salts
Pit Balm
Hand Gel
Hand Wash
Konjac Sponge
Lip Balm
Face Masks
Nail Brush
Naked Toilet Road
Organicup/Talulah Cup
Pumice Stone
Shower Puff
Soap Bag
Soap dish/Rack (wood)
Soap Tin
Special Soap Shaving Shampoo Bar
Wash Bag
Beeswax wrap kit (Make your own)
Beeswax wrap (large)
Beeswax wrap (medium)
Candles in tube
Loose candles x 2
Seed bomb kint (make your own)
Beeswax Gift Packs
Greeting Card – Plan
Children’s book
Gift voucher
Paper Tape
Seed Bombs
Seed Cards
Wildflower Card
Chilly Bottle Special
Chilly Bottle
RCup (large)
RCup (small)
Chilly Bottle (1000 ml)
Bamboo Toothbrush
Bamboo Toothbrush – charcoal
Dental Floss
Electric Toothbrush heads
Dental Floss – refill
Georganics Toothpaste
Mouthwash tablets
Toothtabs – prebagged
Butty / Sandwich Bag
Lunch bag
Pooch pouch
Snack pouch
Replacement brush head
Bottle Farm
Compostable Sponge
Copper Cloths
Copper Scourer
Cutlery Set
Dish Brush
Lunch box – Bamboo Steel
Saffix Scourer – large
Saffix Scourer – small
Sandwich Wrapper
Sponge cloth
Straw cleaner
Tea infuser
Tiffin – 2 tier
Tiffin – 3 tier
Tiffin – 4 tier
Vegan Food wraps
String bag
Razor blades
Moisturiser – Men
Razor, Stand and Blades
Razor – Bamboo
Razor Stand
Shaving Brush
Mini Panty Liners
Regular Tampons
Sanitary Towels
Sanitary Towel – single
Sanitary Towel Liner – single
Tampons – with applicator
Bombay Mix
Chewing Gum
Choc Honeycomb
Choc Raisins
Choc Buttons
Mini eggs
Tonys Bar – Large
Tonys Bar – Small
Tonys Chocolate bag mini’s
Wasabi peanuts
Black Pepper Corns
Black pepper – ground
Cardamon seed – whole
Chillie Flakes
Cinnamon Sticks
Cloves – ground
Cloves – whole
White Pepper – ground
Herbs – all
Herbs de Provence
Italian Mixed Herbs
Nutmeg – Ground
Nutmeg – whole
Pink Pepper corns
Spices – all
Bicarbonate of Soda
Citric Acid
Dishwasher Tablets
Dishwasher Salt
Eco Cleaning Sachets x 5
Fabric Conditioner
Floor Cleaner
Laundry Liquid
Laundry Powder
Multi surface cleaner
Cream Cleaner
Ocean saver Multisurface
Rinse Aid
Toilet Cleaner
White Vinegar
Wasing soda
Washing up liquid
Washing up soap bar
Ecoegg Laundry Egg
Ecoegg laundry refill
Ecoegg dryer egg
Ecoegg dryer egg refill
Coffee machine descaler
washing machine descaler
Kettle Mesh descaler
Slam kettle descaler
Coffee Spoons
Large ladles
Serving chopping board
Serving spoons
Brown paper
Gift bag bundle
Gift tags
Make your own crackers
Christmas wrapping paper
Parcel Bows
Christmas Baubles
Bath melts
Playpress Dinosaur
Playpress Farmyard
Playpress Gruffalo
Playpress Rescue Set
Playpress Savannah animal
Dylans Fruit Chutney
Dylans Piccalli
Dylans Pickled Samphire
Dylans Strawberry Preserve
Dylans Sweet Chilli dippin Sauce
Dylans Tartare Sauce with Samphire
Red courgette preserves
Rubies relish and chutney
Aluminium foil recycled
Compostable cling film
Compostable bin liners
Reuseable vaccum bag
WayCup double refillable
Waycup refillable coffee single capsule
Dorset Sea Salt (Natural)
Dorset Sea Salt (Flavoured)
Greens and Greetings (edible microgreens)