waste less mindful shopping



What is Bamboo Turtle?

What is the dream?
It starts with a zerowaste shop in Hertfordshire, but it offers so much more!

WTF are we on about?
We would like to introduce you to the possibility of a zerowaste lifestyle by offering you the choice to shop without the necessity for plastic packaging, running workshops based on sustainability and wastefree options. As well as using the power of social media to raise awareness of the plastic we are drowning our oceans in.

What do want to achieve?
We are drowning in rubbish. Single use plastic in particular, is out of control. Almost every piece of plastic ever produced is still somewhere on this planet, and mostly in the sea. We need to reduce the amount of plastic made and we can do this by choosing to buy plastic free. Hopefully with the power of consumer choice we can dissuade larger companies from creating and using excessive packaging.


WE re OPEN !!!

So looking forward to getting to know all the hundreds of people who have shown their support over the last few months.

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