Number 4


Yes – I am going there the Money, Cash, Moola or Pees – call it what you will.
It’s true independents don’t have the buying power of the supermarkets or the luxury of running loss leader products. So it may appear that there are no bargains to be had!

However, I am going to refer you back to Number 1 – by avoiding some of the aisles you are not tempted by unnecessary, cleverly marketed, expensive products.
You can buy in smaller quantities – so if you would like to try out a recipe or product – you buy what you need. This means there isn’t a half bag of lentils languishing at the back of your cupboard.

And Number 2 – decision fatigue. We have all been there – you re knackered after work and unable to decide which product to buy so you chuck both in your trolley. Really!
AND Number 3 – Again being conscious while you shop – you can ask yourself do I really need this product or am I being manipulated by advertising?
All of the above will save you money in the long run….

But there is another reason refill shops save you money: you start to ask questions about all your purchases. Not only what you can buy in Bamboo Turtle. It’s the next step on your journey. Whether you re looking at clothes or toys.  You find yourself questioning the marketing hype and in so doing save money for what s really important.



Number 3


We are not talking living in the moment or navel gazing – what typically springs to mind when thinking “mindfulness”.
It `s all about being conscious while you shop. Huh? As you whizz down the supermarket aisle, you are overwhelmed by noise, colour and choice which can lead to poor decisions – refer to Number 2.

Some products are bought out of habit or after seeing them on telly or social media. However these products may not be appropriate for your lifestyle or domestic situation. Or are simply very cleverly marketed to make you believe that all your problems will be solved if you buy them.

By being mindful/ conscious while you shop in Bamboo Turtle you are able to make informed, realistic choices based on your lifesyle.
You can ask yourself :

  • Do I really need this product ?
  • Is there something in my cupboards which can do the same thing?
  • Am I buying into the hype?


We know your first trip to a refill shop can be daunting and that’s why we are always on hand to give you advice on all things zerowaste – cleaning, recipes and alternatives to single use products.

By shopping with us we can help keep you focused on your zero waste journey.



Number 2


Did you know there is a psychological term called “decision fatigue?”
We have all heard the adage never shop on an empty stomach…. But this is just as important.
So what exactly is decision fatigue and what does it feel like?

Faced with too many choices, we tend to feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or otherwise out of sorts. Sound familiar – supermarket shopping never feels calming or relaxing. Generally we tend to do our supermarket shop at the end of a long day of making decisions. This can result in a state of mental overload which stops us from making rational decisions. And we end up buying products we don’t need or want.

And this brings us back to Number 1 – TIME. How much Time is wasted standing staring at a product – making decisions:

  • is it healthy ?
  • is it cheaper than the one next to it ?
  • do I actually need it ?
  • have I got it in my cupboard at home?

At Bamboo Turtle we know that there is no call for 22 different types of white pasta or shelves of cleaning products which all promise the same thing.

Of course we know that choice is an essential part of daily life – but there s a difference between making an informed decision and a “what the hell – I ll chuck it in anyway” decision.



Number 1


Refill shopping can save you time. We know this sounds strange as we are asking you to split your shopping between us and them:  but stick with me.

One of the reason we don’t stock perishable items is because they are perishable – this means that the products we do stock generally last a loooong time.
With some forward planning you can shop with us once or twice a month – buy in bulk – And get that instagrammable larder cupboard you covet.

You can then nip to the supermarket and only buy what you need – this takes us 15 mins. You can skip out most of the aisles – cleaning & bathroom & pantry staples. As well as saving you time, you re not tempted to buy anything you don`t need.

Or even better – get your Fruit and Veg and milk delivered through a box system and nip to butchery with your tubs to be filled.