Click & Collect

Click & Collect


Any of our items that are online can be ordered and initially, collected in store.

Once we’ve perfected the click and collect system we’ll then roll out a service whereby we drop off your order at a predesignated location; a business that we’ve agreed will become a drop off point, and you can then collect closer to home.

Meanwhile back to in store click and collect;

Initially orders received by 12 midday will be available for collection from 11 O’clock the following day. Remember we are closed on a Monday so any orders placed on the weekend will be available on Tuesday from 11.

Payment will have been made online  so you’ll simply pop in and collect your order.  Easy peasy.

So onto the packaging that’ll be used; we’ll provide sturdy food grade paper bags and twine.  The bags can either be reused for future orders with us or whilst shopping elsewhere. The point being, reuse them!

The twine however, has a number of ways to be reused!!  Keep it working alongside the paper bag, hang fat balls up for the birds, hold plants up by wrapping the twine around a cane, use it to wrap up a gift……. The list is literally endless…..

Finally, this service is being provided as an added extra and  will run alongside the one that is currently being provided through Seasons Fruit and Veg.

Click and Collect is now up and running! Dismiss