We have started a CROWDFUNDING campaign for the move into bigger premises here in Letchworth.

So there was this idea; born out of frustration at not being able to reduce the household plastic waste. As it turned out it wasn’t an original idea, no matter. Inspiration took form as a zero waste shop in Devon, the first of its kind, and it was decided that this was the way forward.

So going out on a limb, having no retail experience but a driving passion to help the environment, Bamboo Turtle was born. Self funded, relying on friends and family for help and using as many recycled materials as possible to fit out the shop, the doors opened for a pop up session in March 2018. The first Zero Waste shop in Hertfordshire and one of only a few in the country.

Past pictures show us looking a tad minimalistic!! And now here we are over 18 months on and looking to expand. The reason why…. is a vision of turning Bamboo Turtle into a one stop shop. There are some things that we just can’t ever sell but there are plenty more that we can and so more space is required.

The vision is a simple one, if Bamboo Turtle can provide as many shopping options as possible then the need to visit a supermarket lessens. There are lots of ideas being thrown around in Bamboo Turtle headquarters ranging from a coffee grinding machine, beauty bar, pre loved clothes, pre loved furniture and alternatives to many of the items that we already sell and we’re open to suggestions.


As  our product range expands, the benefits pretty much speak for themselves. There will be alternative products on offer as well as new choices available.  The beauty bar we will be opening  will allow customers to create their own body/face cream and shampoos/conditioners.  This will allow the reuse of containers as well as the purchase of bespoke creams.

As well as more choice for our current customers we will be attracting new customers daily.

With our innovative Beauty Bar we’ll be providing a blue print for future zero waste shops to follow. 

We’ve always been happy to help those that have approached us asking for advice on how to start their own shop.

On a personal note, we personally funded the set up of our original shop so to have the backing of a crowdfunding campaign would help reduce the obvious  financial pressures involved in raising more capital. 


If you support us – you will get :

£25 – Reusable cutlery set with bamboo straw and cleaner.

£75 – Reusable water thermos – Jedz/ Chilly bottle with carabiner and bottle brush.

£125 – All of the above + Workshop with build your own beauty products to take away.

£200 – all of the above + 20 % loyalty card for a year.

After successfully trading for 18 months we feel we are a safe bet to back.  We are still as passionate about providing waste free alternatives now as we were over 2 years ago, when we started our journey. And if we can raise extra funds to help us move forward with our ideas the benefits will reach far and wide.


And a bit more …. so wtf are we crowdfunding

Here at Bamboo Turtle we feel strongly that education is an important part of the zero waste  journey. Part of the frustration with our current shop is the lack of space – as a result we have been looking for bigger premsies for a while.

Some of the schools/ childrens groups in and around Letchworth have asked us if we could accomodate their students on field trips to enhance their learning on all things recycling and zero waste. In the past we have had to point out that Bamboo Turtle is a working shop. Because of this  we are limited with the numbers we are able to accomadate as well as timing of these visits. Visits need to take place after shop hours . As you can imagine this has been less than ideal.

We are also asked if we could run workshops to teach adult groups about zerowaste and living mindfully in a consumer society.
Added to this cookery demos and talks on nutrition are something we ve always wanted to hold.

I think you re getting the picture.

The dedicated teaching room will allow demos and workshops to be held at any time. Even while the shop is open.
This allows visitors to shop and experience what a zero waste shop is all about.


So what exactly is “the Beauty Bar” …?

One of the reasons we started on the zero waste journey was due to the frustration caused by the media/ marketing hype of advertising. As consumers we have lost the confidence in our ability to make our own cleaning / bathroom products. There are plenty of recipes for DIY beauty products online but it can be overwhelming.
This is where the Beauty Bar comes in. Think pretty bottles and gorgeous smells.
We will be stocking the base products of the following:
* Shampoo
* Conditioner
* Shower gel /Body wash
* Foam bath
* Moisturiser
* Facial cleanser
* Toners
* Hand Soap
As well as some butters, oils and botanicals.
We will also stock a range of essential oils and floral waters.
The idea being – after a short discussion with us to ascertain allergies/ sensitivities:
o Step 1 : Choose Base product
o Step 2 : Add selection of essential oils/ floral waters
o Step 3: We will then mix accordingly.
IF required
o Step 4: Choose Carrier oil
o Step 5: Add Botanicals
o Step 6: Choose toner
There will be a set of guidelines for those who feel they need them. Or if you re keen to just go with what you know that s fine too.


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