Number 2


Did you know there is a psychological term called “decision fatigue?”
We have all heard the adage never shop on an empty stomach…. But this is just as important.
So what exactly is decision fatigue and what does it feel like?

Faced with too many choices, we tend to feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or otherwise out of sorts. Sound familiar – supermarket shopping never feels calming or relaxing. Generally we tend to do our supermarket shop at the end of a long day of making decisions. This can result in a state of mental overload which stops us from making rational decisions. And we end up buying products we don’t need or want.

And this brings us back to Number 1 – TIME. How much Time is wasted standing staring at a product – making decisions:

  • is it healthy ?
  • is it cheaper than the one next to it ?
  • do I actually need it ?
  • have I got it in my cupboard at home?

At Bamboo Turtle we know that there is no call for 22 different types of white pasta or shelves of cleaning products which all promise the same thing.

Of course we know that choice is an essential part of daily life – but there s a difference between making an informed decision and a “what the hell – I ll chuck it in anyway” decision.