Deli Dot Zero

Deli Dot Zero

Loving this little collab !

“We are very proud to announce that we will be setting up shop above Bamboo Turtle, in the historic town of Letchworth Garden City (works are underway and an opening date will be confirmed shortly). You may have noticed Bamboo Turtle posting teasers about us 😊.
Our mission is straightforward, to provide you with the best of British produce free of plastic. We will start simple, with dairy cheese and charcuterie (all British and hand cut on site), with sourdough (hand made in-house, there will be some experimentation with ancient grains) and olives (not British but sourced from carefully selected, small, bird friendly, producers).

Our products will be available in person (C-19 measures in place) or on-line via Bamboo Turtle’s click and collect service. Cheese and charcuterie will be wrapped in home compostable grease proof paper if you don’t have a container of your own, for olives you bring your own pot or reuse a jar from our jar library.

We will be creating deli boxes for: vegans, vegetarians and omnivores more details of these will follow. There will also be some free stuff in the first week or two so keep your eyes peeled.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all in person and finally getting this baby on the road as it’s been a year in the making…long story, I’ll tell you over a piece of cheese one day 😂 

Huge thanks to the girls Bamboo Turtle for forming a co-operative with us, ensuring that our small business has a place on the ‘high street’. Our neighbours are the wonderful PrelovedProject, making 12-14 The Arcade a little piece of zero waste heaven. The future is bright, the future is green 😁🌍“”  – Kerry from the Deli