Bring, Weigh, Fill, Pay

BRING Your own container

Any container will do jam jars, squash bottles, bread packets, cereal boxes - don’t buy new. You can always decant into pretty containers when you get home – to get that perfect instagrammable pic.

Just make sure they’re clearly labelled once refilled.

WEIGH your container before you start filling

We are here to help you as it’s all self-service just ask. All our prices are per 100g, even our liquids – this means you can take as little or as much as you’d like. No need to fill your bottles.

FILL  having fun with our dispensers.

That’s the beauty of a refill shop. We are here to help – give advice and talk you through your journey.

PAY for your goods

When you’re finished dispensing, take your containers to the till. We’ll re-weigh them, subtract the weight of the container, charging only for the contents.




Easy peasy, so much fun, not as expensive as you may think and helps save on excess packaging. What’s not to like….