Number 3


So I am not talking living in the moment or navel gazing – although those are important.
Its all about being conscious while you shop. Huh? As you whizz down the supermarket aisle, you are overwhelmed by noise and colour and choice which can lead to poor decisions – refer to Number 2.

Some products are bought out of habit or after seeing them in the media however these products may not be appropriate for your lifestyle or domestic situation.
By being mindful/ conscious while you shop in Bamboo Turtle you are able to make informed, realistic choices.
You can ask yourself do I really need this product ? Is there something in my cupboards which can do the same thing? Am I buying into the hype?
We know your fist trip to a zero waste shop can be daunting and that’s why we are always on hand to give you advice on cleaning, recipes and alternatives to plastic.
We can help keep you focused on your journey.