Number 4


Yes – I am going there the Money, Cash, Moola or Pees – call it what you will.
It’s true independents don’t have the buying power of the supermarkets or the luxury of running loss leader products. So it may appear that there are no bargains to be had!

However, I am going to refer you back to Number 1 – by avoiding some of the aisles you are not tempted by unnecessary, cleverly marketed, expensive products.
You can buy in smaller quantities – so if you would like to try out a recipe or product – you buy what you need. This means there isn’t a half bag of lentils languishing at the back of your cupboard.

And Number 2 – decision fatigue. We have all been there – you re knackered after work and unable to decide which product to buy so you chuck both in your trolley. Really!
AND Number 3 – Again being conscious while you shop – you can ask yourself do I really need this product or am I being manipulated by advertising?
All of the above will save you money in the long run….

But there is another reason refill shops save you money: you start to ask questions about all your purchases. Not only what you can buy in Bamboo Turtle. It’s the next step on your journey. Whether you re looking at clothes or toys.  You find yourself questioning the marketing hype and in so doing save money for what s really important.

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