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We would be remiss to not mention our partners over at Seasons fruit & veg. We do not stock fruit & veg at this time however they deliver our products. And are super heroes at reducing packaging in their boxes as well as sourcing wholesale produce without packaging/plastic.


Really excited to have discovered this local company who will be supplying us with our coffee selection.
We ve organized in person delivery which means absolutely no packaging burden as we ll be recycling containers on delivery.
And added to this they are commited to planting a tree in Marston Vale Forest for every 100kgs of coffee sold – so let s start ordering.



Who thought washing up brushes could be sexy? This is the “apple” version of cleaning equipment – style and function perfectly compliment each other. They are handmade in Germany and designed with sustainable principles in mind.  “Design and crafts in a modern family-owned company. The first Redecker brushes were hand-made in 1935. Lots of things have changed since then. Today, the name of Redecker has long stood for a skilful combination of naturalness, function and design. It lives of our very special mix of inventors´ mentality, solid crafts and creativity. We always place high value on our products not only being practical but also beautiful and, most of all, ecological. Natural and sustainable raw materials are the most important aspects when we choose our materials. “


We re both slightly in love with these guys!


Conscientious Approach

Friendly Soap put ethics before profits. From start to finish, no stone is left unturned in the quest to produce low-impact soap. Sustainability and ethical integrity are top of the list, bringing you fabulous natural soap that is skin friendly, animal friendly and earth friendly.

Powered by hands

Friendly soap is made using the ancient cold-process method which creates a biodegradable soap with zero by-products. Energy consumption is kept to an absolute minimum – each and every bar is poured and cut by hand and packed in recycled and recyclable card boxes, here in the UK.

Works a treat

A little goes a long way when using our array of natural Soaps and Shampoos. They all produce a rich, velvety lather that is gentle to skin, nourishes hair, and leaves you refreshed and ready to go. Guaranteed cruelty-free and vegan, and free from plastic, Parabens, SLS, Pthalates or Triclosan.


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