Number 1


Refill shopping can save you time. We know this sounds strange as we are asking you to split your shopping between us and them:  but stick with me.

One of the reason we don’t stock perishable items is because they are perishable – this means that the products we do stock generally last a loooong time.
With some forward planning you can shop with us once or twice a month – buy in bulk – And get that instagrammable larder cupboard you covet.

You can then nip to the supermarket and only buy what you need – this takes us 15 mins. You can skip out most of the aisles – cleaning & bathroom & pantry staples. As well as saving you time, you re not tempted to buy anything you don`t need.

Or even better – get your Fruit and Veg and milk delivered through a box system and nip to butchery with your tubs to be filled.