how it works

how it works

How it works.

Step 1 . You BRING your own containers – dont worry we will have spares if you feel an impromptu mung bean order is necessary.

Step 2. You then WEIGH your containers – You write the weight on container.

Step 3. You decide on what fabulous bounty you want to buy and FILL your containers – the FUN part.

Step 4. We then weigh your products – subtract the original weight and you PAY the difference.

To enable a STRESS free & fun shopping experience – we do all the maths for you.

What can you use as a container ? Literally anything from home. We ve seen cereal boxes or takeaway boxes or celebrations tins. The more plastic the better – it means that the plastics from home are being reused and not ending up in landfill or in our food chain.

As long as it s clean and can be closed it will work.

We do stock glass and aluminium jars for you to buy – and of course bring back to refill.

We also stock compostable, reusable, recyclable brown bags for you to use.




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