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The lovely Aiden from Aiden`s earth blog   has kindly written us a guest blog on Zero waste tea.

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The modern day is an incredible time to be alive on Planet Earth.

We live among environmental initiatives to combat our negative impacts on the planet’s health, and we’ve reached a congruence between eco friendly alternatives to traditional consumables being not only desirable for the wellness of the Earth, but also our own wellbeing. We are paying more and more mind to the contents of matter such as in the foods we eat, the soaps we use, the containers our resources come in and now, thankfully, the teabag has too been liberated from the clutches of mass-production.

Tea has been used for a very long time throughout civilizations for the warmth of it’s inner presence with and for its seemingly limitless spectrum of sources. Tea nourishes the body and nurtures the soul, and we all love it. For the most part, teas of the past would’ve derived from unprocessed sources, righteously fresh and rich in it’s glory straight from source to the cup. Tea is over processed and seldom consists of the purity once retained from where it originated.

Tea has never really been inspected for its undesirable symptoms of consumerism, until now as is discussed here. Pesticides, fertilizers, trace plastics and other contaminants are often present in teabags due to the lack of attentive care by large companies operating vast production lines, and whilst the act of enjoying tea has traditionally been such an intimate interaction with nature, the time is upon us to renew our Tea culture and embrace an organic approach to our infusions!

Bamboo turtle in Letchworth is allowing us to embrace the natural tea revolution. Here’s how.

The concept itself is very simple. A small, lovingly manufactured cotton bag is hollow for the insertion and repeated infusion of tea herb. A bamboo skewer penetrates the cotton bag horizontally through the top, allowing the bag to rest on any glass or mug. Genius!

A birds eye view shows very clearly the simplicity and versatility of this snazzy little infusion kit. Load the bag with around 1/3 of its volume with the organic waste-free tea herb of your choice. Here I have used the powerhouse that is Green Tea to infuse a glass of cognitive & energetic magic.

The utility of the tea infusion couldn’t be easier. Simply boil the kettle and pour the hot water through the open top of the tea bag, so the tea filtrates the water causing all the goodness to flow downwards into the glass with gravity of the water. We are truly getting elemental here. The infusion begins.

You can add as little or as few herbs as you wish, depending on your preference for strength. I reuse the herb in my cotton bag around 4-5 times before deeming the goodness to have been entirely extracted! I am sure that with a higher concentration of herb, many more infusions could be possible before replacing and washing the bag.

When the time comes to remove the infused tea, simply reverse the bag with the thumb to reveal the tea for ease of removal & washing!

With a bit of luck, you’ll make far less mess than I have when removing the herb from the cotton infusion bag!

There we have it – a step by step guide in how to effortlessly brew a totally organic, pesticide free, plastic free, zero waste tea that’s good for the body and planet!

Eco living has never been easier to adopt than at this present moment! We can all live greener lives in a instant if we wish to make the deceptively easy alterations necessary.

Consuming leaner, greener, earth and body enhancing teas for the greater good of sustainability is a superb way of embracing Eco living.

The foods and liquids we consume deserve considerations for what may truly be lurking within them. Silently, microplastics and other carcinogenic pollutants are causing us harm due to the various processes and contacts made with dishonest, contaminated environments. We can amplify our health by ditching the teabags and formulating our own brews, ensuring there is nothing harmful in our tea, since we’re the ones overseeing the process from infusion to ingestion!

Shall we be kinder to nature and to ourselves at the same time?

Join us as we make the switch to teabag-less Tea today. With zero-waste organic tea herbs and organic Tea Infusion kits available from Bamboo Turtle in Letchworth Garden City – a town thriving in eco-friendly concepts and strategies. Their tea herbs are plentiful in Earl Grey, Chamomile, Peppermint, Green Tea and Red bush tea. All you need to do is bring your own container! Bamboo Turtle is zero-expense as much as it is zero-waste, offering the chance to pay by the gram. No waste, no expenditure, just inspiration within revolutionary shopping.

Welcome to a new age of living!